We offer total care focusing on tree preservation instead of removal because we believe that trees maintain equilibrium in our environment and are important to our survival. Our preservation services include cabling, bracing, lightning protection, deep root organics, tree root aeration, and more.

Your yard is a fiercely competitive place! Even if you regularly lay granular fertilizer for your lawn, your trees and shrubs might be starving.

Why? Because the root system of your trees (and shrubs) is well below the root system of your lawn. When you apply a bag of granular fertilizer, all those nutrients are snatched up in the first few inches of topsoil. That’s great news for your lawn; it’s not so great for your trees. A large lawn is not really a natural setting for a tree. Entire lawns can be replaced in a few weeks, but mature trees, on the other hand, can take decades to replace.

To effectively feed your trees and shrubs, the fertilizer needs to be in liquid form and injected below competing root systems. It’s also important to inject fertilizer in the right areas. The newer, active roots are out and away from the trunk in what’s called the drip zone. That’s where the nutrients should be injected into the soil. Here at Arbor Master Tree Care, we have fertilization programs to encourage healthy, balanced growth for all your trees and shrubs.

Trunk injection is the most effective alternative to spraying or applying pesticides to the soil for insect control. We use the proper amount of chemicals to treat trees quickly. Our Arborjet injection equipment injects strong formulas directly into trees. It is simple, quick, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. This service is most effective when performed by a trained specialist at Arbor Master. This system allows us to limit the impact of the chemicals and target only the affected areas.