Lawn Care

We are dedicated to making sure family have a healthy and beautiful lawn. We have a 7 application program designed to keep your grass thick and lush. The applications are spread throughout the course of the year, so you no longer have to worry or stress about your lawn. Leave the worry to us.

Exterior Insect Control

We all know how worrisome insects can be. We can rid your lawn of insects, such as, mosquitoes, wasps and common ants. These pest can be around the foundation of your home, under you decks and porches and around the pool and play areas. We target those areas to make sure that your lawn will be insect free.

We, also, have a one-time application to control the Fire Ants in your lawn. With this single application your lawn should be Fire Ant free for a full year. In the event they do return before the year is over, we will do follow up treatments at no cost to you!


Core Aeration and Overseeding

The Core Aeration will promote deep and healthy roots to get the best out of your grass. It also loosen compacted soil so that the ground beneath your grass can soak up water instead of standing water in your lawn.

Overseeding will encourage a thick and lawn full of healthy beautiful grass.