Fall Y'all!


What does fall mean for your trees?

Surprisingly now is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs. Planting trees and shrubs in early fall gives plants a head start at establishing roots in cool, moist soil. With that said you want to use high-quality mulch around the base of tree, it helps keep organic matter in the soil and conserve soil moisture with providing weed control.

Why is fall tree care important?

Extended periods of extreme heat from summer months can weaken trees. This making them more susceptible to infestations. Helping your trees begin to recover from summer season heading into winter season is important to protecting their long-term health. Protecting your trees can also make them less susceptible to storms.

How does pruning help the trees get ready for winter?

Late fall is an excellent time to help you prepare your trees and shrubs for winter. Pruning in fall can help protect trees from harsh winter storms making them bloom as vibrant as possible come spring. Once the leaves have fallen and a tree’s branch structure becomes more visible, the spread of certain diseases or insect infestations is less likely.

How do I know if my tress are healthy and ready for Winter?

Inspect trees and shrubs for insects and diseases. If you are not comfortable or sure about inspecting your trees hire a professionally trained arborist. An arborist will be able to determine if your trees are at risk and susceptible to more damage during severe weather. If your trees are at critical risk, schedule removals.